Howard Martin – Bexhill Town Board

As the President of the Bexhill Chamber of Commerce & Tourism since 2019, I am a strong local advocate for business investment and growth in Bexhill, particularly in the areas of hospitality, visitor accommodation, leisure, and technology upskilling. I am a former Chair of the Bexhill Town Centre Task Force and previously, a member of the Town Team and Bexhill Town Centre Steering Group.  

Being a retired independent TV producer, Founder of Bexhill Events Action Group and Board Member of 1066 Country Marketing since 2015, I am particularly interested in Events and Communications.  

I am currently a freelance business adviser and partner in Bexhill First with Eastbourne & District Enterprise Agency Ltd (EDEAL). I see this Government funding as an opportunity to kickstart the much-needed regeneration of Bexhill that could help eradicate the deprivation that blights our town centre and areas of Sidley. I believe that the funding should act as a motivator to attract the bigger investments we really need to make Bexhill thrive.